Monday, 16 March 2015

Some thinking...

Here are just some notes recording where I am in my professional inquiry at the moment:

  • Recreated Venn diagram - reworked an old one, hasn’t been tested on kids yet

  • have not tweaked this terms rubric, but will keep SOLO in mind when creating next terms one
  • a lot of time spent on skills based tasks/help for students across Teams 1-4
  • busy with extn kids and time is limited because of other commitments e.g. videoconferencing, MTV creation for ambassadors, trip to Maritime Museum - impacts on time as students need to complete tasks for rubric to be marked on time.
  • important for me to settle into new role as Creative Space/GATE teacher, so have not spent as much time as planned on integrating SOLO into programme.
  • mindful that SOLO will be introduced more specifically as a thinking tool early in Term 2 with extension students.

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