Friday, 27 September 2019

Inquiry Update - Week 10, Term 3

Extension Group Reflection snapshot - End of Term 3, 2019

Year 5&6 Extension:

Museum Trip over 2 days. Focus was on exploring digital technologies. VR experience was enjoyable for students. Based on ‘Something in the Water’ Inquiry theme - creating a Rocky Shore ecosystem. Coding with Dash robot - recording information about sea creatures and playing back during coding.
Stop Motion DLO’s being created - based on a theme around water or the ocean.
Film Festival movie created - students collaborated to create the script and plot for the movie. 
One movie created for 'The Outlook for Someday' competition. 
x2 Students featured in Kea Kids News on HeiHei website (Episode 6).
Term 3 Paideia Seminar.

Year 7&8 Extension:

Created movies about sustainability as DLO (Digital Learning Object) for the term.
Film Festival movie created - collaborated to create script and plot.
x2 Students featured in Episode 5 of Kea Kids News on HeiHei website. 
Term 3 Paideia Seminar

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Example of student research task: Year 5

Students were put into small groups of three. Each group had to research information related to the theme for the term. This group was asked to research from the point of view of a 'Scientist'. Other groups included the 'Conservationists, Environmentalists, Teachers, Eels and Maori Tribe.' The students were asked to look at each issue from the perspective of their group name e.g. Maori or Conservationist. This would provide an interesting point of view or point of argument during the Paideia Seminar.