Monday, 20 August 2018

Inquiry Reflection - Term 2 Paideia Seminar results

Inquiry Reflection

Towards the end of Term 2 both extension groups participated in a Paideia Seminar. The seminars were filmed and then I analysed how well the students participated during the seminars.

This is a graph that shows the Year 5&6 Extension group results. There were only 3 students who spoke at least 10 times or more. There were 8 students who spoke between 5-10 times. Four students spoke less than 5 times and three students were away. The more confident students tended to contribute more ideas and were able to elaborate on what they were saying.

Here is a graph of the Year 7&8 Extension students participation from their Paideia Seminar last term. One student dominated the conversations with more than 15 talk times. Another student who was also quite confident spoke more than 10 times. There were 8 students who spoke between 5-10 times. Five students spoke less than 5 times and two students were away. The students who spoke the most tended to be very self-confident and articulate. This was in contrast to the shy students who needed to be prompted to share.

This is the second year that I have been using Paideia Seminars to encourage students to think and to communicate clearly with others. Once again the confidence of the student makes a big difference in whether or not they participated effectively, regardless of whether they researched their inquiry topic effectively or not.

Next steps: To focus on helping the shy students use effective strategies to help them to prepare well and to share their ideas. To encourage the shy students to contribute more often in the next Paideia seminar at the end of the term.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

ICT for Learning (Mind Lab)

Last week we split into small groups of 3 to create a short movie about one of the 21st Century skills needed for learners. The skill we looked at was ICT for Learning.


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Mind Lab Session 1 2018

Yesterday I went along to a class being run by Mind Lab at Pakuranga College. I am working towards a qualification called the Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice. Why did I sign up? Well I had seen the adverts and was interested, but I didn't actually sign up until I knew that someone else I knew had. I was interested to see what was on offer and I was keen to up-skill.

It's a 32 week course. The first 16 weeks involves attending classes for 4 hours, one afternoon, per week. The second half of the course still involves online learning and assessment workshops.

So far, so good. I've met a few interesting people and during the evening I had the chance to hear different teaching experiences from a range of teachers from different backgrounds. Our facilitator Danielle was fantastic and I enjoyed the class even though it had been a long day. I'm looking forward to next weeks session, even though I did wonder what I was thinking when I signed up.

Friday, 25 May 2018

DFI - Final session and Google exam

Today was the final session of our Google Digital Fluency Intensive workshop. We had 3 hours to sit the exam online and received our results a few minutes later. It was quite a nerve wracking experience and in hindsight I should have spent less time on the multi-choice questions and more time on the scenarios.

Overall I have enjoyed participating in the DFI workshop. I feel like I have improved my overall digital fluency which was the goal from the start.

DFI - Ubiquitous Learning

This morning at our final Manaiakalani DFI workshop Dorothy talked about another one of the kaupapa words: Ubiquitous. This means that in this new digital age students should be able to learn anytime, anywhere and at any pace.


In the past, learning took place between 9 - 3pm for most students. In a digital environment teachers can plan high quality learning for students who can access content/resources anytime, anywhere and at any pace.

In our community the opportunity to access learning at anytime means that students have a greater chance of success.

Friday, 18 May 2018

DFI - Keeping our learners and families empowered!

At todays workshop Dorothy talked about another one of our four Manaiakalani kaupapa words: 'Empowered'. We use the word 'empowered’ now instead of the word ‘agency’ because our community tends to associate the word 'agency' with negative experiences.

As educators we tend to take this word 'empowered' for granted. We have access to information at our fingertips. We have a variety of choices and have the resources available to us to select if needed. However many families in our decile one community do not.

Empowerment is about choice and about having the ability to choose. Unfortunately far too many of our families are disempowered because they have little choice over what they can do in many areas of their lives.

The fact that we can now help our learners to become more empowered is huge. Our students now have much greater choice over how they access and share information to improve their learning. Each child who has access to a device and is connected online, can have access to unlimited information and resources like never before. The visible nature of our class sites and blogs ensures that families know what their children are learning about too. Hopefully this shift in enabling our communities to become more 'empowered' will result in more positive outcomes for the families in our communities.


Thursday, 17 May 2018

DFI - Google Hangouts

Last week on Friday during our DFI workshop we practiced learning how to use Google Hangouts. I have used Google Hangouts before with my class but I don't use it often enough. One of our tasks for our homework this week was to book in a Google Hangout with either Dorothy, Gerhard or Fiona and take a quicktime screen recording of it. I managed to complete a hangout with Dorothy, but I filmed it using a video camera as I know that I need to fix my sound. Here is my hangout with Dorothy that has been edited to shorten it a bit.

I even had a quick hangout with my friend Fleur from the DFI workshops the following day. Unfortunately the sound didn't record so I really need to get that sorted asap.