Thursday, 14 March 2019

Year 5&6 Extension visit to Eel tank with Mr Vogt

The Year 5&6 Extension group was very lucky to have visits from two eel experts Dave Cooper and Mahu (Ngati Paoa) this term. We are grateful to Mr Vogt for organising these visits as it relates to our inquiry for the term. Mr Vogt was also present for both visits to introduce our guests and to help direct student learning. The visit to our school eel tank was definitely a highlight for the Extension group.

This movie shows highlights from the Year 5&6 Extension group visit to the eel tank for the second time this term with Mr Vogt and Mahu.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Year 5&6 Extension visit from Dave Cooper

The Year 5&6 Extension group had the privilege of having eel expert Dave Cooper visit us during the week. Dave shared his knowledge about Longfin Eels and how they migrate over long distances (Pacific Ocean near Tonga) to spawn before dying. The students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and found out some interesting information about eels.

Monday, 4 March 2019

My Inquiry in 2019

This year the core learning area that I am inquiring into is Reading. Language acquisition is the lens that I intend to use. My main goal is to focus on exploring the use of a range of strategies to extend reading and critical thinking skills. I am also interested in finding out more about how elements of gamification can help to improve student learning and engagement.

I'd like to find out more about how gamification can help students to learn more about challenging topics (social, historical, political) e.g. the Treaty of Waitangi. I'm interested in using online games to boost learning and engagement. I'd also like for the students to create their own digital games to help others.

I will continue to use Paideia seminars, blogging, student DLO’s and presentations as a way to assess learning, language acquisition and critical thinking skills

Year 5&6 Extension: Term 1 focus on Eels and Maramataka

So far we have had a visit from Dave Cooper an eel expert. We have visited the eel tank and have started animations based on Maramataka (Maori Lunar Calendar) and eels. The students have also been introduced to the Paideia method (Socratic discussions).

Year 7&8 Extension: Term 1 focus on Gamification and the Treaty of Waitangi

So far we have explored some of the issues surrounding the signing of the Treaty. The students will be using the technology design process to design a prototype of an educational game (digital or non-digital) based on the Treaty of Waitangi.