Friday, 23 March 2018

DFI - Digital Pepeha

In todays DFI session we shared our digital Pepeha with the group. It was awesome to hear everyone’s individual Pepeha. I think that this is a great way to learn your own pepeha as it is rewindable and the images make the pepeha more interesting.

We used Screencastify to record our movies. I think that this is a great programme especially for students as it allows them to record themselves talking about their work or learning. There is also an option for video so that you can see yourself which is great for students.

Friday, 16 March 2018

DFI - Infographic using Google Draw

Today I used Google Draw to create an infographic about myself. This is the first time that I have created anything useful using this tool. There are links attached to images. I like my buttons and the fact that they are circular in shape. I think that students would enjoy using this tool to create an infographic about themselves.


Friday, 9 March 2018

DFI - Digital Fluency Intensive: Day 2 - Dealing with Data

In today's DFI session we had a go at creating a map on 'My Maps'. We used data collected from a google form about 'favourite destinations' and imported it onto 'My Maps'.

Google Forms
Using extra features - mixture of types of responses, validating,
Term 1 should be used for gathering evidence/data through surveys of kids
Great way to gather data
Can create different pathways for responses
Practiced creating and using a form

Google Sheets:
We looked at how to use the features of Google Sheets.
Student data. Deleting values from across sheet that are not needed. Put names in alphabetical order.
 drag little blue box down to add sums for rest of column.

Can type =Sum(G2+J5+K8) and then press enter to select data from within spreadsheet.

Conditional formatting
Use ‘hide sheet’ function to hide private/sensitive information

Examples: Robyn Anderson - blog post, look at kids blogs especially Mele.
How to analyse data e.g. number of blog posts
Can get kids to analyse their own data from blog posts
Question why some months were more productive than others

Blog is part of ‘Share’ - reflections, movies, writing, DLO’s, screenshots of learning, experiences. Enables kids to demonstrates that they can finish things off

I have used Google forms, sheets and maps before, but today I learnt how to use the extra features to maximise my use of them. I felt that I got the most out of Google Sheets because I liked the task where we analysed the number of times that a student posted on their blog over a year and over several years. Then the teacher can pose questions for the student or the student can analyse the data and come up with their own explanations/answers. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

DFI - Digital Fluency Intensive - Day 1

Today was the first day of a nine week digital fluency intensive. It is held on Fridays during the term. There are about 15 teachers from across the Manaiakalani Community of Learning and outreach schools. The purpose is to improve and develop our skills to help our learners. It has been an amazing day of learning with Dorothy and Gerhard.

What did I learn that increased my understanding of Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy? 

Today was a good reminder of what Manaiakalani is all about. The Learn, Create, Share pedagogy works for our students. Each part of the process is important. The professional development of teachers across schools is important so that we have competent educators in front of our students to maximise and accelerate student learning. Our community needs to develop a new mindset that you don’t need to leave our community to be successful.

What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow as a professional?

I learnt a lot of new tips and tricks, especially with how to make the most of the tools on google docs. I found that many of the tools were quite useful.

What did I learn that could be used with my learners?  

How to make the most of the google doc tools e.g. 'Explore' to add on images, links etc. How to use add-on tools

What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow in my personal life?

How to manage my links to sites by using Google Save instead of as a bookmark.