Monday, 16 May 2016


Today the SPARK MIT group met for the second time to touch base on where we were up to with our inquiries. First of all we looked at the SAMR model and discussed our thoughts about this. Several links helped us to decide whether we thought this was a useful model or not.

The SAMR model explained by students - This was a good clip explaining what SAMR is in an easy to understand way.
Wheel on SAMR and Bloom's Digital Taxonomy - Great graphic which combines SAMR ideas and Bloom's Taxonomy.

Taking a dip in the SAMR swimming pool - I enjoyed reading this interpretation of the SAMR model. I also liked the analogy of it being like a swimming pool. Teachers can test the water by creating tasks which are more at the substitution and augmentation levels (shallow end of pool) until they feel more comfortable creating tasks which are 'above' the line (Modification/Redefinition) in the deeper end of the pool.

I think that the SAMR model is a useful tool to help teachers plan tasks for students which will challenge and extend their critical thinking skills. It allows for planning of tasks which have the ability to be 'transformative'. The affordances of technology should make this happen a lot easier.

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