Friday, 23 March 2018

DFI - Digital Pepeha

In todays DFI session we shared our digital Pepeha with the group. It was awesome to hear everyone’s individual Pepeha. I think that this is a great way to learn your own pepeha as it is rewindable and the images make the pepeha more interesting.

We used Screencastify to record our movies. I think that this is a great programme especially for students as it allows them to record themselves talking about their work or learning. There is also an option for video so that you can see yourself which is great for students.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Sandy. It is great to learn more about each other through sharing our pepeha, and what a bonus to have Ngaire to guide us through this. I agree that our young people have a powerful tool at their disposal when they can create screen castify movies so easily to make their learning rewindable.

  2. Hi Sandy, I really liked how the layout of your presentation was varied. With my own pepeha, I found that I just used a photo as the background. You have inspired me to go away and try something new!