Wednesday, 11 October 2017

ULearn 2017 - Day 1: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - Melanie Langlotz

Break out 1: The presenter spent the first half of the session providing a range of examples of different AR apps. Then spent the second half talking about the Magical Parks app.

Augmented reality vs virtual reality

GEO A.R. Games

Virtual = 100% synthetic
Augmented = mixed world. Live video feed and on top = 2D video graphics
1960 = start of augmented reality via TV live feeds

Fire NZ - VR get out of the house

Diff types of AR - 1. image recognition

Aurasma app -
Can make card/vocab come alive, select a character
Hold tablet/phone over card. For better tracking of image/word can add a border with dots.

2. Tracking

AR kit   

Placing an animated object into a real world environment (tracking) only available in latest IOS phones, can use ipad 2012

3. Geospatial e.g. Pokemon Go (combines augmented reality with GPS)

Blurring lines between reality and augmented reality

Mobile devices and hardware sensors make a difference

Elements 4D app


Apple ArKit augmented reality - Minecraft

Mixing real world/environment and minecraft.

Human brain tends to remember 90% of what it does or stimulates

Microsoft HoloLens - holographic computer that you wear ($3,000)

ZapBox - uses mobile devices - mixed reality (MR)
Put point codes around environment - scan, use headset

Quiver -

Magical Park - digital park. Melanie Langlotz CEO of this app. Encouraging students to go outside more.
4 different worlds
Team missions
Ethical gaming - no ads, purchases etc, free to play
Partnership between MP and schools
Different uses for MP in schools e.g. reward, PE, motivation to read, game design, connect older and younger students
Offering a free 2month trial for schools

Next step - getting kids to build their own worlds and design their own games.

What’s the Plan Stan? - Auckland Civil Defence - Teach kids the 6 impact strategies

Disaster scenarios - kids are encouraged to collect items needed
Games will be ready in April 2018

CoSpaces - Stonefields School uses this

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