Thursday, 12 October 2017

ULearn 2017 - Day 2: Keynote Speaker Abdul Chohan

Abdul Chohan - The Olive Tree Primary School

Background teaching chemistry

2008 ipod touch. Bought a set for school. Discovered difference between mobility vs portability. (Mobility means that information can be accessed from any device e.g. info is not just stored on your laptop only. Cloud computing allows for true mobility rather than just portability)

Focus on plumbing e.g. infrastructure etc
Teachers use twitter to post learning/teaching, use hashtags
‘Believe You Can’ - students must have belief in what’s possible
Teaching approach is different, but biggest focus is ‘Belief’

How to change belief:
  1. Simple
  2. Reliable

Powerful when children are creating and making. Lessons were planned and organised differently. Activities were designed to allow strategic thinking. E.g. Water Cycle by using playdough, animating using an app etc. Cognitive demand on students increases. When learning is shared, more time is invested in making sure that the quality of the product is acceptable.
SAMR model - expecting students to think/work at the modification level.
The biggest problem is schools is the lack of consistency.
Building consistency: Relationships, The non-negotiables, develop the people

Photo of students work - teachers can give voice feedback to help students improve work
Reflections around learning, successes and failures
All teachers are Apple Certified - showed teachers how they could use apps to do things
All teachers have learnt Swift coding, feel that computational thinking is something that is quite key and is something that is becoming very relevant. Not many people understand it.

Coding is introduced at the age of 5. Not using blocks but lines of code.
68% of students enter school 2 years behind their peers. But within 6 months students most students have caught up.
Showbie and itunes U

What’s really important is the bread and butter of teaching and learning, not all about tech.

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