Thursday, 12 October 2017

ULearn 2017 - Day 2: Brad Waid Keynote Speaker

Brad Waid - Keynote speaker

Engaging the “Globally” connected student of today.
Augmented Reality - captures students, engages them
What are kids learning? Where? Role as educators? What are kids sharing?
Are we preparing students for their future or our future?
You never know what will change a student’s life

Story about Justin (selective mute). Provided with opportunities to share/speak in a non threatening way - able to share/explain learning using an ipad
Impact of social media is massive. 50% of world population is under the age of 30. Power of social media
League of Legends game - massive in Asia - 23% of kids play this game
Compared to Minecraft - 2% of kids playing
Pokemon Go - First time screen and real world combined, encourages kids to go outside. Leveraged tech for really good outcomes
Youtubers: uses power of the internet to share with a wide audience
Shared lots of interesting and inspirational videos
Coke video - connecting people in India and Pakistan. Showed how technology was used to break down barriers and connect people.
Commercial of Dad learning English to read sons book
Important in how you treat people- relationships are important

One simple R.U.L.E - acronym

Overall I enjoyed this keynote with Brad Waid. He seems to be well connected with a wide online presence. I thought that it was good that he shared some of his personal experiences with students and how a piece of useful technology opened up a whole new world of potential for some students.

Professional profile (straight from ‘Best Keynote’ site)
Brad is an International speaker, influencer and educator with over 15 years of classroom and industry experience.  He is an industry leader in Educational Technology, 21st Century Learning, Culture and Innovation, Augmented Reality & Emerging Technologies.  He is a consultant to industry, education and government.  Brad is called on by industry to assist in marketing and telling the story of a product or a company, he assists school districts and educational conferences in applying technology into education, and he works with government agencies to improve education for all students.
He is one of the Co-Founders of AR Detroit, a Co-Founder of Two Guys and Some iPads blog, he is the Co-Host of the wildly popular  “Two Guys Show”, a consultant to start-ups from Silicon Valley to New York, he works with government agencies and he has been honored by the National School Board Association as one of the “20 to Watch” in Educational Technology, a program that identifies emerging education technology leaders who have the potential to impact the field for the next 20 years.  Brad’s knowledge of educational technology, his ability to assist industry and government and his passion to inspire educational change, makes him a highly sought after speaker and influencer who makes an impact where ever he goes.

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