Sunday, 15 October 2017

ULearn 2017 - Day 3: Adobe Spark

Breakout 6 - Digital creativity and design in education using Adobe Spark

Southwell School - Presenter: Paul Savage

Teachers can create an i.d. And share with students. Kids can add to it.
If an android phone, need to access app by looking at full browser version

Digital Storytelling

Learning a language or how to pronounce words. Could record kids speaking.
Everything is saved in the cloud. Creativity is simplified to enable quick interface. Don’t need to save anything as it is instantly saved.

Adobe Spark video - creates simple/professional looking videos
Can create short ads for school e.g. school fair, fia fia??

Projects, click on the plus, select video
Give video a title, select a template,
Layout is very simple. (layout, music, themes)
Only 4 types of layouts. Very basic storyboard available.

Possibly useful to set up for writing e.g. narratives or instructions

When theme is selected it automatically changes theme of all slides
Can select photos to use, uploads quite quickly
Videos need to be loaded onto drive before

Video editor, easy to cut by dragging, when saving it saves automatically into selected slide.
Select icons, easy to drag slides across.

Post: can select layout to select type eg. facebook, twitter etc

Best to experiment with layout, colours etc

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