Thursday, 12 October 2017

ULearn 2017 - Day 2: Cultural Inclusiveness

Cultural Inclusiveness in a mainstream setting - Breakout 5

Presenters: Bruce Jepsen (Principal)
                   Tane Bennet (DP)
Te Akau ki Papamoa School (Tauranga)

Mihi to start from presenters to share their backgrounds.
School has doubled in last 10 years.
Papamoa is fastest growing region in area.
One to one digital school. Apple distinguished school.
Digital integrated school.
40% Maori students. 9 years ago they were a failing school.
Decided to take a culturally inclusive approach. Use programmes on ipad e.g. keynote.
Tech is a tool, not a distraction
Now is top 2% of achieving schools in the country. All teachers are apple recognised teachers.
Do all own PD to build capacity of teachers.
DP (Paula Jamieson) also runs a maker space, coding, robotics
Every child has an ipad provided by the school

School roll = 600-700 students
Teacher needs to have an understanding of child’s culture. Students feel good about it if their culture is acknowledged.

Radio station has been the driver behind Te Reo Maori.
Te reo maori taught on a daily basis for the past 6 years - based around identity and language.
Stats show that almost half of Maori students (48%) will achieve less than level 2 NCEA when they leave school

What is your vision for their future?
Disproportionate failure of Maori students
Teachers make the greatest impact

Self identity is important, especially for urban Maori. Do they know where they come from?
Displaced. Relationships are important.
Maori student achievement is the priority
Set high expectations

Leadership e.g. board, clear vision, goal is to raise Maori achievement

Vision: Identity, Culture, Maori achievement
A non threatening culture is critical
Identity: on enrolment kids culture/iwi is identified. Barrier = some parents did not list where they were from. Sense of belonging is important. 32 different iwi, biggest group is Nga Puhi.
Map of NZ and names of families from diff areas/iwi. New students are connected to other students who come from that area.

All students reconnect including non-Maori.
Send letter to each iwi to acknowledge identity of child.

Great breakout. Not about the tech that appealed to me but the about the lengths to which they are inclusive of culture and are passionate about raising achievement for Maori.
Radio TAKP FM Radio. Lessons in class to learn language.
Students can call into the radio station with a question live. Live radio feed across the school.
Non maori are embracing culture
school/child created apps on ipad

“The culture of the child can not enter the classroom until it enters the consciousness of the teacher”

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